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Design Miami/ Launches an Official Mobile App and Announces Additional Programming Highlights for the 2021 Edition

  • Design Miami/ introduces the Official Design Miami/ Mobile App, a digital companion for the fair
  • For the first time Cryptocurrency payments are introduced and Design Miami/ offers NFTs
  • Largest talks program to date with over 50 speakers confirmed
  • AIG presents the 2021 Collectors Lounge Designers Commission by BADG
  • Additional programming announced including presentations from FENDI, Lexus and SCAD and new partnerships introduced including DIOR, Grand Seiko and Maestro Dobel Tequila

Miami, 22 November 2021 / Alongside presentations from 22 of the world’s leading international galleries and 19 curio exhibitions, Design Miami/ returns to Miami Beach with an impressive series of talks, satellites and collaborations for its 17th edition from 1-5 December, 2021. This year’s programming, led by Curatorial Director Wava Carpenter, responds to the theme of Human Kind, investigating how design-led visions could lead to a more equitable and interconnected future. 

Design Miami/ is excited to expand its digital offering for this year’s fair, introducing the Official Design Miami/ Mobile App. The new app is a companion to Design Miami/ events, offering users the ability to engage like never before; navigate the show floor like a seasoned VIP, browse Design Miami/ fairs through 3D tours and, for the first time, click-to-buy exhibited works right from the show floor. The iOS app is available to download today.

Building on this digital innovation, Design Miami/ will be the first major fair to accept cryptocurrency for payment through Coinbase for any objects available on the online marketplace. Additionally, Design Miami/ will offer an exclusive, highly curated collection of NFTs, commissioned from select artist-designers affiliated with Design Miami’s international creative community. This premiere collection will be available for purchase through the OpenSea platform and presented onsite at Design Miami/ from November 30th to December 5th, 2021.

R & Company will contribute NFT designs from Job Smeets, Katie Stout, Sebastian Errazuriz, and Studio Proba while Friedman Benda will present multiple works from Misha Kahn. 

Zesty Meyers, Principal at R & Company says: "For designers, NFTs offer opportunities to imagine and create without limitation. And we know that collectible design is needed for the NFT space and for the growing virtual environments in which so many people are getting engaged.”

The Design Miami/ Design Talks program has also expanded to embrace the fair’s new hybrid format, offering the most extensive talks lineup to date. In-person and digital talks will offer insightful and future-thinking panels from some of the world’s leading names in art, design and architecture, including designer Daniel Arsham, architect Florencia Rodriguez, and artist and fashion designer Samuel Ross.

DM/BX Spotlight

DM/BX, Design Miami’s online shop for the next generation of design lovers, will bring together an exciting group of emerging and established designers including Quinaz Studio, Studio Proba, Ries Studio, RRRES Studio, BKLYN CLAY, and Tuleste Factory. Together, they will present an exhibition created to celebrate the exceptional in the everyday through a uniquely curated living space that showcases everything from a loveseat, to a coat rack, and a multi-purpose bong/vase.

Additional Programming/

AIG Private Client Group presents the 2021 Collectors Lounge Designers Commission by BADG
AIG Private Client Group presents the Collectors Lounge Designers Commission. Responding to the theme of this year’s fair, Human Kind, AIG Private Client Group is collaborating with BADG (The Black Artists + Designers Guild). Founded in 2018, BADG is a dynamic, action-oriented, member-driven platform for creative professionals seeking community, collaboration, and creative support. This year’s lounge showcases the work of designers Leyden Lewis (Leyden Lewis Design Studio) and Danielle Fennoy (Revamp Interior Design), demonstrating the vital work that BADG does to build a more  equitable and inclusive industry. The walls of the lounge will be covered in a new camouflage-inspired design, titled Blackouflage, in a spectrum of different shades that reflect the myriad fluid identities that are encompassed within the Black community. Enclosed seating booths will offer intimate spaces to sit and converse, while two-way mirrors will ask us to reflect on ourselves and see ourselves among the others around us.

Muys Snijders, Head of Art Collection Management said: “Through this commission, AIG Private Client Group is actively supporting the realization of the creative vision of the designers whilst introducing our clients to new art and design that they may have not otherwise seen. This will be the first of many initiatives as we look to go beyond our goal of preserving art and collections and play an active part in its creation and the art community at large.”
Marlene Barnett, Founder of BADG, said: “We are honored to collaborate with Design Miami in partnership with AIG to design this year's Collectors Lounge. The theme, Humankind is in synergy with the Black Artists + Designers Guild action-oriented mission to advance our makers, creating inclusive and equitable spaces while cultivating ancestral futures. For us, this project continues to build on the work of BADG as a liberatory space for creativity under the direction of BADG Makers Leyden Lewis and Danielle Fennoy."

FENDI and MABEO present Kompa Collection
For this year’s Design Miami/ FENDI has invited MABEO, the furniture and accessories brand from Botswana, Africa, and its associated design studio, to develop products that build on their ongoing research into craft specializations. Consulting with artisans spread across the country, Mabeo travelled many kilometres to inform the project’s collaborative development and bring together the techniques and viewpoints that exist between the various craft activities of Botswana.

Following creative meetings in Rome with Kim Jones, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Kompa is a collection of ten pieces of furniture made up of distinct interrelating methods. Many pieces in the collection directly reference the collaboration with FENDI, including Mabeo’s interpretation of Fendi’s iconic Peekaboo handbag. For their unique version, Mabeo approached crafts people living in a desert environment where plant-based materials are scarce. Using traditional methods of tanning, treating and stitching, with components cast in metal and hand-carved in wood, the directness of the artisans’ relationship to their surroundings comes to the fore, demonstrating an interest in respectful and balanced interaction.

Grand Seiko presents The Journey of Birch by BCXSY
Grand Seiko, the renowned luxury Japanese timepiece manufacturer, has partnered with Amsterdam interdisciplinary design studio BCXSY to create an installation for Design Miami/ which celebrates the brand’s strong bond to nature. Titled The Journey of Birch, the installation is an imaginative environment influenced by Grand Seiko’s new award-winning “White Birch” timepiece. For many of its timepieces, Grand Seiko finds inspiration in the ecosystems that surround its watchmaking studios. The dial is inspired by the slender and strikingly beautiful white birch trees that thrive in northern parts of Japan.

Entering The Journey of Birch, visitors are immersed in a space that is an abstract interpretation of a birch tree forest; with indigo-colored panoramic murals, weaved with metallic substrate that shimmers when light hits its surface, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that feels both familiar yet surreal. 

Kohler presents Stone Flow and Rock.01 by Daniel Arsham
Kohler, a leading global kitchen and bathroom brand, showcases its Rock.01 sink collaboration with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham through the “Stone Flow” installation at Design Miami/2021. Stone Flow explores the collaboration’s experimental phase and uses giant rock to emulate the design of the innovative sink, Rock.01. With a series of stone-like objects and forms, Arsham unveils a further exploration of his design process, which plays with organic forms found in nature.

The one-of-a-kind, limited-edition 3D-printed sink entitled Rock.01 brings together creative innovation and expert craftsmanship from Kohler and Arsham. Rock.01 is crafted in Kohler, Wisconsin and will be available for purchase in December in an edition of 99.  

​In celebration of Design Miami/2021, Kohler has made a contribution to DigDeep, a nonprofit working to bring clean water to families on the Navajo Nation. Access to safe water is at the center of Kohler’s work to preserve the planet and support the well-being of individuals and communities around the world. Reliable access to water is not only crucial for life, but for enriched lives and the pursuit of education and art.

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ON/ by Germane Barnes and the University of Miami, presented by Lexus
For Design Miami/ 2021, Lexus presents an immersive installation by Germane Barnes and the University of Miami, inspired by the power and potential of Lexus’s LF-Z Electrified Concept car and the brand’s ethos of human-centered design and high-quality craftsmanship. Signaling a new era for Lexus through the power of electrification technology, the installation title references an on/off switch, showing the power of a carbon-neutral future powered by electric technology.

Centered around a precisely-to-scale, three-dimensional sculptural rendition of the LF-Z Electrified Concept car rendered in steel and illuminated with embedded LED lighting, the sculptural rendition of the car glows and hovers just above the ground, a vision of a more sustainable future coming into focus. The entire installation is unified by a unique lighting scheme, designed to enable engagement from users around the world via an interactive virtual model unveiled online alongside the physical display. Participants are invited to create their own lighting scheme for the display, altering the colors of the walls, car, swings, and furniture. Barnes and his team will select a series of the user-generated designs to showcase onsite, spotlighting the creative vision of entries from around the world.

Miami Design District presents Tommorrow Land by Studio Proba and Enjoy the Weather
The Miami Design District is pleased to unveil Tomorrow Land, a physical and virtual site-specific installation created by Studio Proba and Enjoy the Weather for the neighborhood’s Annual Design Commission 2021. Tomorrow Land features a series of playfully designed sculptures, seating, and ornamentation, created by Studio Proba in her signature, popular style. In addition to the physical components woven throughout the Miami Design District, the installation boasts an interactive, virtual game created by Enjoy the Weather. A dedicated app built around AR technology and proximity beacons which allow visitors to “collect” and digitally customize Studio Proba’s shapes and place their own custom totems throughout the neighborhood—and beyond—for other participants to discover and play with. Tomorrow Land will also enliven the entrance of Design Miami/ in Pride Park. 

Doha Design District (DDD): Gather. Inspire. Create.
The Doha Design District (DDD), located in Msheireb Downtown Doha, one of the smartest and most sustainable city districts in the world, seeks to transform Qatar into the foremost regional design hub in the Middle East; a blank canvas that designers and creatives can make their own. DDD is set to become a cultural destination where heritage, art, sustainability, and creativity collide to create a colorful and vibrant neighborhood, uniting all design enthusiasts, not only in Qatar but around the world.

And it has already started! By building partnerships with key players in the luxury design and retail worlds, DDD is building a platform that will encourage the exchange of ideas between seasoned creatives everywhere. It is also developing a community that will allow future generations to expand their knowledge on design through a variety of educational workshops and opportunities. DDD is the place where creative minds will gather, inspire, and create, all the while fueling a global conversation that celebrates local and regional talent.

Maestro Dobel Tequila’s Artpothecary presents: The Fruit Chemist
Born from 11 generations of tequila-making legacy, Maestro Dobel was the first Cristalino tequila to market and continues to innovate in its portfolio of award-winning tequilas by founder Juan Dobel. Just as Dobel champions innovation in its tequilas, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary is a creative platform and series of immersive experiences which celebrate contemporary Mexican Art and Hospitality - recognizing and supporting fellow Mexican creative visionaries and makers who push the boundaries in their respective crafts.

A true champion of modern Mexican culture, Maestro Dobel Artpothecary is led by art world expert and Anónimo Colectivo Founder and Managing Director, Alejandra Martinez as Creative Director, curating the artistic vision for Artpothecary - this year engaging top Mexico City-based design studio ATRA and designer Alexander Diaz Andersson to dress the space with his contemporary furniture and design flair. In its latest iteration, Maestro Dobel brings Artpothecary to Design Miami/ this December, as the Official Tequila of the internationally renowned design fair - through ‘The Fruit Chemist’, a bespoke epicurean experience with an exclusively curated menu paired with Maestro Dobel by globally renowned Chef Jorge Vallejo of Mexico City’s Quintonil.

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Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) presents SCAD AT MIAMI
Experience immersive design by SCAD artists at SCAD AT MIAMI.  Presented at Design Miami/, the university’s immersive installation features work by Scott Carter (B.F.A., painting, 2008), Jose Gallo (B.F.A., sculpture, 2015; B.F.A., photography, 2015), and Archana Menon (M.F.A. furniture design), whose distinct practices engage overlapping disciplines including art, architecture, design, and music. 

Carter’s mixed-media installations and sculptures use quotidian mass-produced materials to redefine utility and function. Along with his sculptural works, the artist presents a site-specific installation commissioned by SCAD. Gallo employs light and translucence in his hand-crafted guitars, which use a set of internal lights that react to sound produced by the instrument. Menon’s furniture design practice is grounded in her architectural education and explores cutting-edge fabrication, while honoring traditional craft work. 

The installation is activated by a performance featuring Gallo’s guitars and a chandelier of Carter’s design created from guitar cables. 

Maison Perrier-Jouët presents Embodied nature by mischer’traxler studio 
Since 2012, Maison Perrier-Jouët has collaborated with Design Miami/ in order to offer contemporary artists and designers an international platform for their creativity. For this year’s fair, Maison Perrier-Jouët is pleased to present Embodied nature, an interactive art installation by Austrian design studio mischer'traxler studio. Renewing a collaboration that first began in 2014, Perrier-Jouët and mischer'traxler studio continue their exploration of the relationship between mankind and nature, inviting us to regard  all species, including mankind, as forming part of a whole, and to reflect on the importance of understanding this interconnectedness. More than 100 species from all over the world will be suspended in the installation space and  displayed in a “cabinet de curiosités”. The metal mesh sculptures surround an interactive mirror-like screen that portrays the viewer’s silhouette as if composed of all the different species, encouraging reflection on our relationship with nature’s ecosystems.’

USM Modular Furniture presents the HUE+MAN Design Competition: Culture Sculpture Exhibition concept and design by Kevin Jones of Joba Studio
The HUE+MAN Design Competition by USM Modular Furniture in collaboration with Kevin Jones’ Joba Studio seeks to spotlight emerging designers of color through funding and mentorships. In this, its inaugural year, competition winners Margaret Waiyego Zollinger, Peter Mukhaye, and Amukelani Mathebule, combine to form Culture Sculpture, an exhibition that explores the myriad of ways that contemporary culture is shaped by the diverse hands that produce it. The artists’ work is showcased in twisting pyramids that Jones designed using the USM Haller system.

Kevin Jones, Creative Director and CEO of Joba Studio said: “Our identities are formed by nuanced life experiences that encompass people, circumstances, events, beliefs, traditions, and values. Sculptural objects also profoundly impact the structure of our lives. The HUE+MAN Design Competition, along with my work with the USM Haller system, seek to explore these experiences that influence our identity”.

W South Beach
As the Official Co-Host of Design Miami’s annual Welcome Cocktail, the W South Beach is a cutting-edge oasis where the worlds of music, elevated cuisine, design and art meet contemporary luxury. Whether it's catching an epic wave, discovering the local Miami culture or being immersed in serenity – the W South Beach delivers a story-worthy escape from your day-to-day.

Convelio is a shipping partner for Design Miami/, specialized in the transport of fine art and collectible design. With offices in New York, London and Paris and a global network, Convelio’s mission is simple: to make the transport of your art and collectable design pieces more efficient, secure and affordable. Having invested in technological and operational innovations, Convelio understands the value of revolutionizing fine art logistics. Its online platform allows you to instantly book local, state to state, and international shipments. The end-to-end service generates instant quotes and a logistic turn-key solution to cover the entire shipping process. Their fully integrated API solution has been integrated into the Design Miami Shop to facilitate quick and seamless sales and shipping of design objects to collectors.

Panerai presents Dive into Sustainability: Be Part of the Solution
Panerai is pleased to present Dive into Sustainability: Be Part of the Solution with their new 2021 Design Miami/ booth.  Utilizing responsibly sourced and recycled materials for various elements of the booth including the custom made furniture, Panerai’s presentation hopes to address how a human-lead initiative can make a meaningful impact on the future of the world ocean.  On display will be Panerai’s latest collection of eco-friendly timepieces, including the Submersible E-Lab ID: the World’s Most Recycled Watch which was presented as the first open source project in the luxury watch industry, a commitment of the brand to help bring the world to a more sustainable future.  This booth celebrates Panerai’s recent partnership with UNESCO for the Decades project and brings awareness to the Seven Principles of Ocean Literary.  We are Generation Ocean.

USM Modular Furniture x Luminaire present the 2021 Design Talks Theatre. Bookstore and kiosk concept by Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro.
Phaidon has partnered with Books & Books as the exclusive bookseller for Design Miami. A curated list of forty hand-selected titles across art, interiors, and fashion will be for sale, including signed copies of brand-new releases from Peter Marino, Shawn Henderson, and more. In addition, Phaidon and Artspace are proud to announce the first global preview of two limited edition collages by critically acclaimed artist Mickalene Thomas – Jet Blue #11 and Left Behind (both 2021). Each exclusive print comes fitted in a UV-protective plexi frame along with a signed and numbered copy of Phaidon’s 2021 monograph, Mickalene Thomas. In the event space, Kering and Phaidon present The Woman Made Timeline, a 25-by-11 foot mural spotlighting trailblazing women product designers from more than 50 countries, between 1900 and present day. The mural is part of Kering and Phaidon’s recent partnership inspired by the book Woman Made: Great Women Designers which includes a newly developed online platform– a resource celebrating and supporting the work of women designers past, present, and future – as well as a scholarship to support an undergraduate student. USM Modular Furniture x Luminaire present the 2021 Design Talks Theatre. Bookstore and kiosk concept by Jon Gray of Ghetto Gastro.

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Superblue presents If You Can Dream Then Anything is Possible by Yika Ilori
Superblue Miami will be showcasing a piece by London-based multidisciplinary artist Yinka Ilori titled If You Can Dream Then Anything is Possible, which has been showcased in cities around the world to inspire us and remind us to keep dreaming even during challenging times. Just in time for Miami Art Week, Ilori has debuted a new commissioned work that will permanently transform the exterior of Superblue Miami’s outdoor café Blue Rider into an international celebration of color, paying homage to the vibrant and resilient energies of Miami.

Dior presents the Dior Medallion Chair Exhibition at Superblue Miami
Dior Maison invited seventeen artists to reinterpret one of its iconic emblems: the Medallion Chair. A symbol of Louis XVI style that Christian Dior chose as soon as he founded his House, in order to seat guests at his fashion shows in a “sober, simple and above all classic and Parisian” décor, as he recounted in his memoirs. The essential oval surmounted by a fontanges bow became one of the major codes of 30 Avenue Montaigne, the beating heart of Dior. Today, Sam Baron, Nacho Carbonell, Pierre Charpin, Dimorestudio, Khaled El Mays, Martino Gamper, Constance Guisset, India Mahdavi, nendo, Joy de Rohan Chabot, Linde Freya Tangelder, Atang Tshikare, Seungjin Yang, Ma Yansong, Jinyeong Yeon, Tokujin Yoshioka and Pierre Yovanovitch offer their visions and artistic and cultural sensibilities to reconceive this object of desire with boundless creativity. 

Design Talks/

The Design Miami/ 2021 talks programme embraces the fair’s hybrid format, offering both in-person and digital talks, available to visitors around the world. Inspired by the Human Kind theme, discussions will explore the current state of the world and where we need to go. For the “15 Minutes On Design & Human·Kind Digital Talks Series,” topics include Design as Social Practice, Othering Queer Aesthetics, and the Psychedelic Renaissance. Live event highlights include: 

Design in the Now: How technology and craft meet the cultural moment, presented by Kohler
In this conversation, the panelists share their thoughts on the kinds of design that most resonate with this moment in time, discussing design work across a spectrum between looking forward (new forms, new technologies) vs. looking back (heritage, history, identity). What is unique about today’s culture, and how can design best tap into it? With Daniel Arsham, artist-designer; Marc Benda, Cofounder Friedman Benda; Wava Carpenter, Curatorial Director Design Miami/; David Kohler, CEO Kohler; Samuel Ross, artist-designer

Building Inclusive + Equitable Creative Cultures, presented by AIG Private Client Group
Building more equitable and inclusive creative cultures by advancing a community of independent Black makers in creative industries is the primary mission of the Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG). In this panel, thought leaders talk about the importance of honoring cultural legacies in art and design and supporting the great work of visionary Black artists and designers. Speakers include Danielle Fennoy, Owner Revamp Interior Design; Leyden Lewis, Founder and Creative Director of Leyden Lewis Design Studio; Tangie Murray, Art, Equity and Inclusion Strategist; Asad Syrkett, Editor-in-Chief Elle Decor

Designing the Metaverse: NFTs, Web 3.0, and collectible design
As Design Miami launches its first NFT collection, thought leaders at the intersection of art, design, and tech discuss the future of collecting. With Alex Atallah, Co-Founder and CTO OpenSea; Noah Davis, Head of Digital Sales Christie’s; Misha Kahn, designer; Zesty Meyers, Co-Founder R & Company; Jennifer Olshin, Partner Friedman Benda; Devang Thakker, Technology Leader, Investor and Board Member; ThankYouX, artist

Further Gallery & Curio Highlights/

Exhibition highlights include the debut of Jeffrey Deitch at Design Miami/, presenting an exhibition of ceramic sculpture by a new generation of artists. Curated by Jeffrey Deitch New York gallery director Alia Williams, Clay Pop documents the reinvention of ceramic sculpture, a medium that has often been characterized as more craft than art is now an exciting platform for formal and conceptual innovation. Also new to Design Miami/ is New York gallery Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts who will showcase a collection of important design from the early 20th century including pieces by Edgar Brandy and Frank Lloyd Wright. Returning gallery The Future Perfect will present new works by emerging designers such as Bradley Bower, a talented young designer who joins their roster this December.

Amongst the Curio program, the largest line-up in Miami to date, the exhibitors are exploring new materials and imagined futures. First time exhibitor Bea Interiors Design from Miami blurs the boundaries between sculpture and functional design, pushing the limits of materials in unique and thought-provoking ways while developing organic forms. Brooklyn based PELLE presents two new additions to its signature Lure Collection, which exemplify the signature hand-casting technique developed by Jean Pelle. Tom Dixon returns to Design Miami/ for the first time in over 10 years to present new collections, including unveiling Tom Dixon MASS by Design Research Studio - a new collection of super polished solid brass pieces.

Design Miami/ 2021 Galleries/ 
AGO Projects/ Mexico City
​Ateliers Courbet/ New York
​Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC/ New York
​Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ New York
​CONVERSO/ Chicago
​Friedman Benda/ New York
​Hostler Burrows/ New York
​Jason Jacques Gallery/ Clinton Corners
​Jeffrey Deitch/ New York
​John Keith Russell/ South Salem
​Magen H Gallery/ New York
​Moderne Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Ornamentum/ Hudson
​R & Company/ New York
​Salon 94 Design/ New York
​SIDE Gallery/ Barcelona
​Southern Guild/ Cape Town
​The Future Perfect/ San Francisco
​Thomsen Gallery/ New York
​Todd Merrill Studio/ New York
​Volume Gallery/ Chicago
​Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia

Design Miami/ 2021 Curios/
APICAL REFORM & zeel studio/ Gujarat
​ATRA/ Mexico City
​Bea Interiors Design/ Miami
​Bohinc Studio/ London
​Gallery ALL/ Alhambra, Beijing
​Harry Nuriev/ New York
​House of Today/ Beirut
​J. Lohmann Gallery/ New York
​James de Wulf/ Los Angeles
​Mercado Moderno/ Rio de Janeiro
​Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami 
​Objective Gallery/ Shanghai
​PELLE/ Brooklyn
​Room 57 Gallery/ New York
​Tom Dixon/ New York
​Tuleste Factory/ New York
​Twenty First Gallery/ New York
​VERDI/ Bogota

DM/BX/ 2021 Exhibitors
Agustina Bottoni/ Milan
​Andreu Carulla/ Girona
​Anders Hamilton presented by BKLYN CLAY/ Brooklyn
​Andrew Casto presented by Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami
​Ashley Porrini presented by Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Birnam Wood Studio presented by Tuleste Factory/ New York
​Charlie Cunningham presented by Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Christopher Kurtz/ New York
​Dara Schaefer/ New York
​Dean Roper presented by BKLYN CLAY/ Brooklyn
​Glenn Barkley presented by Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami
​Gustav Hamilton presented by BKLYN CLAY/ Brooklyn
​Katharina Kaminski presented by AMEN Candles/ Paris
​Kiyoko Morioka presented by Ippodo Gallery/ New York
​Kyle Mello Dixon presented by Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Roberto Lugo presented by Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Sarah Allwine presented by BKLYN CLAY/ Brooklyn
​Soleil Carlos presented by BKLYN CLAY/ Brooklyn
​Maria Beckmann presented Tuleste Factory/ New York
​Magen H Gallery/ New York
​R & Company/ New York
​Ries Studio/ Buenos Aires
​RRRES Studio/ Oaxaca
​Ruby Kean presented by Tuleste Factory/ New York
​Studio Proba/ Portland, New York
​Toni Losey presented by J. Lohmann Gallery/ New York
​Timbur presented by Tuleste Factory/ New York
​Tom Dixon/ New York
​Tomoyuki Hoshino presented by Ippodo Gallery/ New York
​Tuleste Factory, New York
​Quinaz Studio/ Miami

Design Miami/ 2021 Partners/
Doha Design District
​Grand Seiko
​Maestro Dobel
​Perrier Jouet
​Miami Design District
​W South Beach
​Phaidon and Books & Books


Design Miami/ 2021 
​1-5 December, Miami Beach

Schedule of Events/ 
​Preview Day/ By Invitation Only 
​Tuesday, November 30/ 
​Members Preview/ 11AM - 12PM 
​Collector’s Preview/ 12-7PM 
​Wednesday, December 1/ 
​VIP Preview/ 11AM - 1PM

Public Show Days/ 
​Wednesday, December 1/ 1–8PM 
​Thursday, December 2/ 11AM–8PM 
​Friday, December 3/ 12–8PM 
​Saturday, December 4/ 12–8PM 
​Sunday, December 5/ 12–6PM

About Design Miami

About Design Miami/

Design Miami/ connects the world through extraordinary collectible design, with live fairs on three continents that bring together galleries, designers, brands, experts, collectors, and enthusiasts. Each edition of Design Miami/ features museum-quality 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting, and objets d’art from the world’s top, expertly vetted galleries, in addition to showcasing immersive design collaborations with celebrated brands. With flagship fairs taking place alongside Art Basel in Miami, Florida, each December and Basel, Switzerland, each June, Design Miami/ is also accessible 365-days a year through, a content-rich digital marketplace featuring works from leading galleries and original editorial and video content on Forum Magazine.

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