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Design Miami/ returns to Pride Park, Miami Beach for its 18th edition, with 50 galleries and Curios set to explore the theme The Golden Age: Looking to the Future

September 20, 2022 - Design Miami/ is delighted to present the 18th edition of its Miami Beach fair, running November 30 - December 4, 2022, with Preview Day on November 29, 2022. Taking place in Pride Park, opposite the Miami Beach Convention Center, the fair will feature 50 gallery and Curio exhibitions, presented alongside an exciting program of partnerships and collaborations, inspired by this year’s theme, The Golden Age: Looking to the Future

Jen Roberts, CEO of Design Miami/, says: “We’re filled with excitement for the 18th edition of our Miami Beach fair. We look forward to welcoming a brilliant line-up of new and returning exhibitors across our gallery, Curio and partner programs, whose presentations are set to inspire and delight audiences both in person and across our digital programming. We look forward to sharing exciting previews over the coming months”.

The Golden Age is Design Miami/’s overarching theme for 2022. Selected by Curatorial Director, Maria Cristina Didero, it refers to a metaphorical concept shared across cultures through time and space, whether applied to utopian futures or idealized histories. In June, Design Miami/ Basel explored this thematic through the lens of history and under the title The Golden Age: Rooted in the Past. The Miami fair focuses on how the theme epitomizes hope for the future, lighting the path towards our highest aspirations. The title for the Miami fair, The Golden Age: Looking to the Future will celebrate a tomorrow of our own creation.

Maria Cristiana Didero, Curatorial Director of Design Miami/, says: “I selected the theme The Golden Age with the ambition of exploring how it might be applied across great scratches of human existence, from the distant past, to our collective future. Design Miami’s flagship fair at Miami Beach is always full of energy and optimism for the future. At a time when human beings are challenged in unprecedented ways, I hope that the theme will offer a source of inspiration to imagine and shape a brighter future for human beings and our planet”.

Debut Galleries/

Among the many highlights of this year’s fair, Design Miami/ 2022 is delighted to add a number of exciting new names to its gallery program.

​Ippodo Gallery (New York)
is committed to creating shared empathetic, craft-oriented experiences through engagement with Japanese art and culture. For it’s Design Miami/ debut, the gallery is honored to present Extreme Surfaces, an extensive exhibition of contemporary Japanese kogei (art and craft). The exhibition is a juxtaposition of three distinct object types: the surfaces of form-active works—represented by Kodai Ujiie, Kota Arinaga, and Yukiya Izumita—are fabricated from mosaic shapes that disrupt an otherwise smooth exterior. Surface-active works—Terumasa Ikeda and Koji Hatakeyama—are distinguished by an expressive decoration of the external layer, and vector-active works—notably Shigeru Uchida—are engineered with linear and regular shapes that join seamlessly.

Gallery Negropontes (Paris) makes its Miami debut with a presentation of unique creations by exceptional designers and craftspeople who are reinventing the French decorative arts, offering collectible, museum-quality contemporary design that offers a dialogue between tradition and modernity. The gallery’s presentation highlights the search for new techniques and materials, or those transformed from their traditional use. This includes pieces created especially for Design Miami/, including work by Etienne Moyat, a monumental wood sculptor whose decorative panels immerse viewers in a dreamlike universe; Erwann Boulloud, whose pair of Atacamita II enfilades are crafted in polished bronze and designed to crackle like dry earth, inviting us into his offbeat universe. Hervé Langlais explores pure lines with mathematical geometry and vibrant colors: his Collection Pop includes the Triptyque mirror, the Arche console and the Métaphore side table.

Diletante42 (São Paulo) is defined by its Brazilian modern design collection, carefully assembled with authentic pieces often bought straight from the owners of the original works. The expertise of 18 years in the selection of pieces guarantees the quality of the collection: the result of a joint venture between Flavio Santoro and Luciano Diniz. The partners' passion for Brazilian furniture from the modernist period, from the 1940s - 1980s, is the definitive trait of the gallery's personality. For its first presentation at Design Miami/, the gallery presents a selection of Brazilian modern design pieces with creations by Lina Bo Bardi, José Zanine Caldas, Joaquim Tenreiro, Sergio Rodrigues and others. One particularly rare piece set to go on show is a Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl Chair #41, crafted from natural fiber and all original parts.

Galerie BSL (Paris) produces and exhibits works that challenge the established boundaries of art and design. It will debut at the fair with The Power of Biomorphism, an exhibition concept that proposes to explore new frontiers in the ability of objects to express life forms. This presentation is an invitation to embrace both design and nature differently, offering new perspectives on how nature can be interpreted and reasserted in objects whose presence is as surprising as it is communicative. The Golden Age curatorial theme is therefore interpreted both as the present moment when aesthetic experience allows us to escape from everyday life, and also as a possible future, perhaps even utopian, that is shaped by awareness. A number of rare and exceptional pieces will be presented by the gallery, including the gallery’s first showcase of bronze works by Pia Maria Raeder, with a beaded texture inspired by the cosmos and the starry sky, as well as a set of works from Ayala Serfaty’s Soma series - wall and table pieces that compose a landscape of luminous sculptures evoking biomorphic forms.

Historic Gallery Highlights/

The gallery program also includes a number of significant historic highlights. Looking to the recent past, Galerie Patrick Seguin (Paris) will present a thoughtful selection of 20th century furniture from a number of its celebrated designers. Moderne Gallery (Philadelphia) will return to the fair with a booth devoted to both vintage and contemporary American Studio furniture, ceramics, turned wood, enamels and fiber, including highlight works by George Nakashima and Tanaka Tomomi. John Keith Russell (South Salem) specializes in the material culture of the Shakers, objects synonymous with beautiful and utilitarian American craft and design. For Design Miami/ 2022, the gallery will present a set of four Shaker dining chairs created in 1834 by Brother Micajah Tucker of the Canterbury, New Hampshire, Shaker community. The spindle-back Dining Chair is emblematic of Shaker ingenuity. A rare and sought-after Shaker design, it is presumed that only 80 - 90 of these dining chairs were ever made.

Contemporary Gallery Highlights/

This year’s fair also presents a diverse selection of contemporary works. Among the many highlights is the return of Southern Guild (Cape Town), who will present Inkundla, an exhibition of handcrafted furniture and objects presented in an imagined domestic environment. Rich in their physicality and form, the works are bound together by a strong sense of materiality and exploration of spiritual themes. The booth will feature specially commissioned pieces by 16 of the continent’s most celebrated artists and designers, including ceramicists Zizipho Poswa, Andile Dyalvane and Madoda Fani; internationally renowned artists Nandipha Mnthambo, Porky Hefer and Rich Mnisi; design duo Dokter and Misses, and sculptor Stanislaw Trzebinski

​Another spotlight preview comes from Sarah Myerscough Gallery (London). The gallery will present Material Shores, an immersive curated collection of museum-quality functional design and art objects that champion innovative, sustainable and restorative design practices. The centerpiece of this presentation will be a commanding new work from Angela Damman: an eco-contemporary reimagining of the chandelier, hand-crafted from raw henequén fibre, which combines opulence and luscious materiality with a touch of the absurd. Another interesting highlight comes from Ateliers Courbet (New York). For Design Miami/ 2022, the gallery will focus on one material—bronze—and its manifold craftsmanship techniques. Exceptionally rare work set to go on show includes EROS BRUT, a unique sculptural dining table by Hamza Kadiri carved from a single solid block of ash wood, as well as the Bonsai series of sculptural bronze tables and lights by Donnersberg and Cárcamo, and produced by Fonderie Fusions’ revered founders in the South of France. The limited edition series consists of tables and lights evoking the abstracted forms or outlines of Bonsai trees.

Curio Highlights/

The Curio program offers ‘cabinets of curiosity’ interspersed among the gallery booths, each curated around a variety of creative concepts designed to provoke thought and inspiration.

​Among the highlights of this year’s Curio program, Gufram (Barolo) makes its Miami debut with a Curio that has been realized in collaboration with a well-known American music artist. For Design Miami/, the Italian radical design brand will unveil a new Cactus edition alongside a selection of collectible items inspired by the iconic piece celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year.

J.Lohmann Gallery (New York) presents another highlight with Curious Creatures by Ahryun Lee and Toni Losey, inviting visitors on a fantastical voyage to a surreal and imaginative world of creative assemblage and biomorphic forms. The Curio space will offer an otherworldly, experiential wonderland: when gazing upon Ahryun’s and Toni’s creative, bizarre, and curious sculptural creatures, viewers will be transported to a state of joyfulness, in which metaphysical and whimsical imagery connotes the realm of dreams. The designs demonstrate new possibilities for clay, offering unexpected and humorous creations. The work offers a slightly unbalanced moment for the viewer as they pivot between the feeling of familiar but otherworldly. This “unbalance” invites further examination and questioning as one tries to place these forms within our experiences of the natural world.

Tuleste Factory (New York) presents Through and Through, an exploration of the color blue across a spectrum of saturation, opacities and textures. Blue has enjoyed a distinguished status throughout history. The ancient Egyptians associated the color with the vastness of the sky, water, the universe, creation and fertility. Picasso channeled his tragedy and emotional frailty into his blue period, and artist Yves Klein is synonymous with blue. Utilizing geometric shapes, curves, tones and gradients Through and Through abstracts all of history’s philosophies on blue into one avant-garde space, immersing viewers into all of the colors continuum complexities. Luxurious materials showcase the duality of matte and clear resin allowing for magnificent bending of light and the play of colors. Like a serene pool of water, resin, wool, and silk with their array of textures, transparencies and saturations create a tactile and deeper connection to all that comprises blue.

Stroll Garden (Los Angeles) will create an experiential and site-specific installation of works commissioned especially for Design Miami/. The Curio will showcase new work by Los Angeles-based artist Lily Clark, who creates elegant, architectural fountains that explore elemental forces of water and light. On view will be large-scale compositions that incorporate stones sourced from a quarry just outside of Palm Springs, as well as ceramic bird baths that highlight the reflective qualities of still water. These will be paired with new minimalist woodwork by Sara Lee Hantman and Coley Brown, the creative team behind furniture studio Prísma. The exhibition will take the form of a Southern California-inspired garden landscape, complete with gravel, a stone path, and native plants.

Aqua Creations (Englewood) presents Light on Water, launching a range of one-of-a-kind lights, designed specifically for Design Miami/. The pieces draw inspiration from the shapes of freshwater lakes, with mirrored polished metal evoking the presence of water, marking the launch of the Lakes Collection, which will be available to order after the event. Celebrating 30 years, Aqua Creations also unveils a limited-edition of 30 pieces of the iconic Morning Glory Floor Lamp. The lamp is made with unique, raw silk which was crafted particularly for this collection.

Elisabetta Cipriani (London) is delighted to return to Design Miami/ with a Curio of new, outstanding, wearable art projects exclusively made for the gallery by renowned visual artists including Ai Weiwei with Rings W & M, Atelier Van Lieshout with The Burghers, Maria Nepomuceno with Vases (Vaso Vida); Giuseppe Penone with Salvia (Sage) ring, and Chiharu Shiota with Carrying Memory

​More details on Design Miami’s exhibitions and partners will be announced in the coming weeks.

Design Miami/ 2022 Galleries/
AGO Projects/ Mexico City
​Ateliers Courbet/ New York
​Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts/ New York
​Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ Paris
​CONVERSO/ Chicago
​Cristina Grajales/ New York
​Diletante42/ São Paulo
​Friedman Benda/ New York
​Gallery ALL/ Beverly Hills
​Galerie BSL/ Paris
​Galleria Antonella Villanova/ Foiano Della
​Galerie Maria Wettergren/ Paris
​Galerie Negropontes/ Paris
​Galerie Patrick Seguin/ Paris
​Galerie SCENE OUVERTE/ Paris
​Gallery FUMI/ London
​Hostler Burrows/ New York
​Ippodo Gallery/ New York
​Jason Jacques/ New York
​John Keith Russell/ South Salem
​Lebreton/ Monaco
​Magen H Gallery/ New York
​Mercado Moderno/ Rio de Janeiro
​Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami
​Moderne Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Nilufar/ Milan
​Objective Gallery/ New York
​Ornamentum/ Hudson
​R & Company/ New York
​Sarah Myerscough Gallery/ London
​Southern Guild/ Cape Town
​The Future Perfect/ New York
​Thomsen Gallery/ New York
​Todd Merrill Studio/ New York
​Twenty First Gallery/ New York
​Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia

Design Miami/ 2022 Curios/
Aqua Creations/ Englewood
​Elisabetta Cipriani/ London
​Emma Scully Gallery/ New York
​GUFRAM/ Barolo
​Harry Nuriev/ New York
​J. Lohmann Gallery/ New York
​MONIOMI Design/ Miami
​Objects of Common Interest/ New York
​R & Company/ New York
​Rademakers Gallery/ Amsterdam
​Room 57/ New York
​Stroll Garden/ Los Angeles
​Superhouse/ New York
​Tuleste Factory/ New York

Schedule of Events/
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
​Members Preview/ 11am-12pm
​Collectors Preview/ 12pm - 7pm
​Press Preview/ 2pm-7pm

​Wednesday November 30, 2022
​VIP Preview/ 11am - 1pm

Public Show Days/
Wednesday November 30/ 1pm - 7pm
​Thursday December 1/ 11am - 7pm
​Friday December 2/ 12pm - 7pm
​Saturday December 3/ 12pm - 7pm
​Sunday December 4/ 12pm - 6pm

Visiting the Fair/
To learn more about the 18th edition of Design Miami/, please visit 

​Tickets will be available for purchase beginning early October 2022.

​To register for a press pass, please visit


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