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Design Miami/ Shares Programming Highlights For Upcoming 2022 Edition

Design Miami/ Shares Programming Highlights For Upcoming 2022 Edition

Miami, 10 November 2022/ - Design Miami/ is delighted to present an exciting series of programming highlights from its exhibitors, partners and collaborators for the 18th edition of the flagship fair. The fair takes place in Pride Park, opposite the Miami Beach Convention Center, from November 30 - December 4, 2022, with Preview Day on November 29. The theme for this edition, selected by curatorial director Maria Cristina Didero, is The Golden Age: Looking to the Future. The programming this year offers vibrant, diverse and thought-provoking responses to this thematic, which speculates how design and innovation might lead us to a better, more harmonious and more sustainable collective future. 

Jen Roberts, CEO, Design Miami/, says: “We’re thrilled to present one of our most exciting fair programs yet. I would like to thank all of our collaborators, both new and returning, who have responded to our theme in extraordinary and innovative ways, coming together to create a show that will ignite inspiration and provoke thought as we consider what the future of design could look like”.
April Magen, Director of Global Partnerships, Design Miami/ says: “We’re pleased to share the diverse landscape of this year’s partner activations, which offer curated responses to the 2022 fair theme and brand inspired narratives. Our partners continue to support Design Miami's mission to serve as a platform for innovative and future forward design experiences for our international audience of design enthusiasts”.

Partner Highlights/

Audi x Andrés Reisinger

At this year’s Design Miami/, Audi presents a new immersive and experiential digital installation in cooperation with digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger. The new work is inspired by the Audi grandsphere concept*, an outlook to the future of premium mobility by Audi. 

To create meaningful and fascinating experiences that will shape premium mobility and design, Audi believes in co-creation. Together with Andrés Reisinger the brand explores a sphere beyond a physical installation, digitally re-interpreting interior spaces.   

Audi has the vision to create a better future for generations to come and this attitude is deeply rooted in the brand, striving for progress. For Audi, the future is a space – for ideas, innovations and designs. By re-thinking design and approaching it from inside out, the Audi grandsphere concept* demonstrates a human-centric experience, a personal sphere. 

Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi: “Audi believes in working together with like-minded people to create meaningful and fascinating experiences that will shape premium mobility and design. Together with Andrés Reisinger we will explore a sphere beyond a physical installation, digitally re-interpreting interior design.”

*The vehicle mentioned is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production vehicle.

FENDI presents Triclinium by Lukas Gschwandtner

This year, FENDI has invited Vienna-based artist Lukas Gschwandtner to make a new body of work. The series, called Triclinium, which consists of wearable canvas sculptures referencing historical portraits of women reclining on furniture, is now infused by Gschwandtner’s interest and attachment to the history of ancient Rome, ‘The Eternal City’ where Fendi was founded, its art and its architecture as translated through mediated imagery.

Kohler presents Transcendence by Nada Debs

For this year’s fair, Kohler unveils a partnership with global artist/designer, Nada Debs. Together, they present Trancendence, a custom hammam that will offer a three-room immersive experience for visitors to Design Miami/2022. The installation, along with various onsite and digital activations, pays homage to cultural inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and heritage through design and innovation. Reimagining our approach to waste, the hammam is constructed from hand-crafted custom tiles designed by Nada Debs and the Kohler WasteLAB team, which is known for finding value in landfill-bound material. The custom tile used in the hammam utilises waste material in both the tile body and glaze. It is beautifully designed to mimic the arch aesthetic of traditional hammams, offering a visual parallel between the rebirth of waste material and the spiritual and emotional rejuvenation that hammam guests experience. 

“Having the opportunity to design a modern hammam at Design Miami/ truly embodies the sentiment that well-being transcends all culture,” says Nada Debs. “I am excited to offer such a unique experience to the industry.”

Maison Perrier-Jouët presents Planted Air by Garance Vallée

This year, Maison Perrier-Jouët has collaborated with Paris based artist, architect and designer Garance Vallée to create  Planted Air, an installation which conveys her vision of one nature, in which all life forms are united, to the point of forming a single entity. Valle’s notion, “Man is in nature, and nature is in Man”, resonates strongly with Maison Perrier-Jouët, which has cultivated a relationship of symbiosis with nature since 1811. Planted Air offers a reinterpretation of the ecosystem of the Champagne vineyard, in which visitors are invited to follow a path through a series of sculpted vines, which appear to be rooted in the chalk-rich earth of Champagne, reaching upwards towards the sky. These organic forms offer a universal language. Playing with scale and reflection, Garance Vallée draws the visitor into the installation, offering an immersive experience through which she lays the foundations for a deeper questioning of our relationship to the living world.

Dolce&Gabbana Alta Gioielleria

Dolce&Gabbana partners with Design Miami/ for the first time to present the brand’s unique Alta Gioielleria Collection

Dolce&Gabbana Alta Gioielleria represents a universe of creativity where the invention of new forms is combined with the preservation of Italy’s renowned tradition of fine jewelry-making.Every jewel is a celebration of beauty, art and craftsmanship that celebrates the extraordinary skills of the goldsmiths, engravers, sculptors, setters and chisellers that contribute to the collection. Uniqueness is the guiding thread of the masterpieces of Dolce&Gabbana Alta Gioielleria, perpetuating the supreme refinement of a unique work of art.

The Future Orient Express presented by Accor

140 years ago, Georges Nagelmackers turned his dream into reality by launching the first Orient Express trains. Today, the legend continues as the historic carriages—disappeared, forgotten, and then found again—are completely reimagined. 

On the occasion of Design Miami/, Orient Express, part of the Accor Group, will present an immersive exhibition featuring the newly revealed designs of its future train, set to welcome passengers onboard in 2025. Following a highly attended debut in Paris, the Miami installation will offer a first look at the train's yet-to-be-revealed Presidential Suite, designed by French architect Maxime d’Angeac. 

Alongside its luxury trains, unique experiences, and collections of rare objects, Orient Express, Artisan of Travel, will open its first hotels in 2024: Orient Express La Minerva in Rome and Orient Express Palazzo Donà Giovannelli in Venice.

Miami Design District presents Rock | Roll by Germane Barnes

Miami-based architect Germane Barnes has been awarded the 2022 Miami Design District Annual Neighborhood Commission. His multi-scale installation, Rock | Roll, draws on the vibrant visual language of Miami Carnival to honor the BIPOC communities that have substantially contributed to Miami’s polyethnic culture. For the neighborhood’s central pedestrian corridors, Barnes has designed a series of larger-than-life seating capsules that rock back-and-forth when activated by users, as well as hundreds of brightly hued wind chimes. Fabricated by ALT BLD, Rock | Roll also includes an architectural-scale, free-floating dome that recalls a giant disco ball, marking an outdoor gathering space to host Carnival-inspired playlists and a talks series developed in collaboration with University of Miami’s Center for Global Black Studies and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami.  

Panerai Presents: La Merenda d’Oro

​Celebrating the modern golden age of Italian history, Panerai will take audiences back to the 1970s era of beautiful design, sensory culture, and community ideals which set the foundation for iconic Italian identity the world still envisions today, through a contemporary interpretation of one of the most notable and recognizable bars in cosmopolitan period Milan – the espresso bar. The installation hopes to bring people together for a “Golden Break” of laughter, shared ideas, and collective inspiration.  The artistic moment reflects the same community focus at the heart of Panerai - the original, and only luxury Italian watch brand, since it began in 1860; and demonstrates once and for all that bringing people together is still the most important thing.

Grand Seiko presents Journey Through the Nature of Time

Grand Seiko, the renowned luxury Japanese timepiece manufacturer,presents a new installation for Design Miami/ 2022 which celebrates the brand’s Japanese heritage and strong bond to nature. Titled Journey Through The Nature of Time, the installation is inspired by the brand’s watch studio in the mountainous region of Morioka. Guests are transported from Miami to Japan, guiding them through an enchanting environment inspired by Grand Seiko’s new U.S. Special Edition timepieces. Journey Through The Nature of Time binds beauty, nature, and time together in an interactive experience.

USM Modular Furniture presents USM NYC by Ben Ganz, a collaboration with PIN–UP Home

USM NYC by Ben Ganz is a special collaboration between Swiss manufacturer USM Modular Furniture and New York-based design platform PIN–UP HOME. The collection, presented for the first-time during Design Miami 2022, is a limited edition of USM storage objects conceptualized by Swiss-born designer Ben Ganz; a first-of-its-kind multiple piece collection released by USM in collaboration with an independent designer. The bespoke collection consists of six unique configurations, each one inspired by New York’s urban design typology and available in three limited edition powder-coated steel colors: UPTOWN BLUE, SOHO  YELLOW and DOWNTOWN PINK, all in a matte-finish. The entire USM NYC collection is outfitted with a wheeled base that extends from the center, adding an element of mobility to each design.

AIG Private Client Group Presents The Collectors Lounge designed by Alexis Cogul LLeonart and B&B Italia featuring the work of artist/designer Bradley L Bowers/

In partnership with Design Miami/, AIG Private Client Group continues their support of the creative vision of artists and designers through their involvement with the Collector’s Lounge. This year, AIG Private Client Group commissioned Alexis Cogul from Doo Architecture and artist/designer Bradley L Bowers to collectively design the stunning Collector’s Lounge at Design Miami/ furnished by B&B Italia, celebrating iconic designs and the 50th anniversary of the Le Bambole chair.  AIG Private Client Group’s mission is to support a more equitable and inclusive creative culture. Beyond the direct inclusion of architectural references, Bowers’  lighting design installations are a representation of the joy we carry to the future we build.

Special Project Partner/

Come Stai? A chair by Gaetano Pesce with Matthieu Blazy for Bottega Veneta

 For its first partnership with Design Miami/, Bottega Veneta will present a site-specific installation that follows an unprecedented commission by creative director Matthieu Blazy. Earlier this year, Blazy commissioned  Gaetano Pesce to design the space of Bottega Veneta’s Summer 2023 show in Milan. The space included a sculptural resin floor and 400 resin chairs, created in a spectrum of vivid colors. At the heart of this project is the Come Stai? chair, a new expression in Pesce’s oeuvre, which echoes his lifelong quest for individuality and diversity. The commission will be presented at this year's Design Miami/ flagship fair, which will see a selection of chairs presented and available for purchase. The Come Stai? chairs will also be made available for purchase from November 24 to December 4 at 153 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137, within the Miami Design District. To mark this collaboration, a dedicated Bottega Veneta microsite will go live at on November 17.

Digital Highlights/

Design Miami/ continues to reach global audiences through its hybrid approach to fair programming, offering robust digital access to audiences across the world. As offered in 2021, immersive 3D curated tours of the fair will be made available through Matterport technology. All objects presented on the show floor will also be available to shop in realtime, via, from 30 November. 

Among the digital highlights is the dedicated Bottega Veneta microsite, which will go live at on November 17 (see Special Project Partner section above). In addition,  R & Company will present The Village Potter Bodega by Roberto Lugo at Design Miami/, where the brand will launch its first-ever physical pop-up with a bodega-inspired storefront, stocked with functional, shoppable objects that reinforce the idea that art and design are for everyone. Starting November 30, the pieces will also be available online for a limited-time at

Talks Program/

The Design Miami/ 2022 talks program explores the intersectional nature of design. Embracing a hybrid format, a curated selection of talks will be made available digitally, offering an online window into the diverse discussions, questions and insights that will be explored at this year’s fair. 

Highlight talks from this year’s programming include:

Erykah Badu and Roberto Lugo on Kintsugi, presented by R & Company

November 30, 2022
​17.30 - 18.30

Featuring: Artist, Musician, and Tech CEO Erykah Badu and Artist, Activist, Educator, and Poet Roberto Lugo 

Renowned musician Eyrkah Badu joins celebrated ceramicist Roberto Lugo on the Design Miami stage to discuss their artistic practices, common pride in community, and exciting projects on the horizon. Lugo and Badu will simultaneously partake in an interactive activity highlighting the importance of creativity and process. 

We Are All Different, and This Is Our Defining Quality! A Conversation With Gaetano Pesce, presented by Bottega Veneta

November 30, 2022
​14:00 - 15:00

Featuring: Architect Gaetano Pesce and Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Maria Cristina Didero

"If we see the same thing each day, then we die” - Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce. Delving into themes of uniqueness, freedom, and recent projects, this talk will feature a riveting conversation between Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Maria Cristina Didero and the legendary Architect Gaetano Pesce.

The Kohler Hammam: A Sustainable Path to Well-Being

December 1, 2022
​14:00 - 15:00

Featuring: Design Miami Curatorial Director Maria Cristina Didero, Studio Founder and Creative Director Nada Debs, and Chief Sustainability and DEI Officer for Kohler Co., Laura Kohler

A look into the role of companies and creatives in encouraging a sustainable approach and lifestyle with Laura Kohler, Chief Sustainability and DEI Officer for Kohler Co., and Lebanese designer Nada Debs. Through a collaborative partnership with Design Miami/ 2022, Kohler and Debs created the fair’s first Hammam and will examine sustainability, societal shifts, and partners’ collaboration themes during their talk. 

Multidisciplinary Minds: A$AP Rocky in Conversation with Charley Vezza, presented by GUFRAM

November 30, 2022
​15:45 - 16:45

Featuring: Artist and Designer A$AP Rocky, Global Creative Orchestrator of GUFRAM, Charley Vezza, and Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Maria Cristina Didero

Artist and Designer A$AP Rocky and GUFRAM’s Global Creative Orchestrator, Charley Vezza will engage in a conversation about contemporary aesthetics, lateral thinking, and their multidisciplinary approach to design. As the first company to give voice to the notorious radical design movement, GUFRAM has played a significant role in the history and global perception of international design.

High Jewelry Design: An Ancient Art in a Modern World, presented by Dolce&Gabbana

December 2, 2022
​15:45 - 16:45

Featuring: Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan Curator of Jewelry Emily Stoehrer, Gallery Director Elisabetta Cipriani, and Jewelry Historian and Author Carol Woolton

Groundbreaking and timeless, the art of high jewelry design has fascinated and entranced humanity for ages. In our modern world where fashion trends come and go rapidly, how has this ancient craft persisted and developed? This Talk, presented by Dolce&Gabbana, will explore the iconic history of wearable treasures and their place in the contemporary fashion world.

Shaping Our Environments, presented by AIG Private Client Group

December 2, 2022
​14:00 - 15:00 

Featuring: Artist & Designer Bradley L Bowers, AIG Head of Fine Art & Collection Services Muys Snijders, Architect & Founder of DooArchitecture Alexis Cogul, and CEO of B&B Italia USA Francesco Farina

What role does art and design play in shaping the environments around us? In this Talk, AIG’s Head of Fine Art & Collection Services Muys Snijders will moderate a conversation between B&B USA CEO Francesco Farina, Architect and Urban Planner Alexis Cogul, and Designer Bradley L Bowers as they discuss the impact of art and design on the world around us.

Please find the talks program here:

Design Miami/ 2022 Galleries/
​AGO Projects/ Mexico City
​Ateliers Courbet/ New York
​Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts/ New York
​Carpenters Workshop Gallery/ Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London
​CONVERSO/ Chicago
​Cristina Grajales/ New York
​Diletante42/ São Paulo
​Friedman Benda/ New York
​Gallery ALL/ Beverly Hills
​Galerie BSL/ Paris
​Galleria Antonella Villanova/ Foiano Della
​Galerie Maria Wettergren/ Paris
​Galerie Negropontes/ Paris
​Galerie Patrick Seguin/ Paris
​Galerie SCENE OUVERTE/ Paris
​Gallery FUMI/ London
​Hostler Burrows/ New York
​Ippodo Gallery/ New York
​Jason Jacques/ New York
​John Keith Russell/ South Salem
​Lebreton/ Monaco
​Magen H Gallery/ New York
​Mercado Moderno/ Rio de Janeiro
​Mindy Solomon Gallery/ Miami
​Moderne Gallery/ Philadelphia
​Nilufar/ Milan
​Objective Gallery/ New York
​Ornamentum/ Hudson
​R & Company/ New York
​Sarah Myerscough Gallery/ London
​Southern Guild/ Cape Town
​The Future Perfect/ New York
​Thomsen Gallery/ New York
​Todd Merrill Studio/ New York
​Twenty First Gallery/ New York
​Wexler Gallery/ Philadelphia

Design Miami/ 2022 Curios/
Aqua Creations/ Englewood
​Elisabetta Cipriani/ London
​Emma Scully Gallery/ New York
​GUFRAM/ Barolo
​Harry Nuriev/ New York, Paris
​J. Lohmann Gallery/ New York
​MONIOMI Design/ Miami
​Objects of Common Interest/ New York
​R & Company/ New York
​Rademakers Gallery/ Amsterdam
​Room 57/ New York
​Stroll Garden/ Los Angeles
​Superhouse/ New York
​Tuleste Factory/ New York

Design Miami/ 2022 Partners/
AIG Private Client Group
​Bottega Veneta
​Grand Seiko
​Maestro Dobel 
​Miami Design District
​Orient Express
​Perrier Jouet
​USM Modular Furniture
​W South Beach

Schedule of Events/
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
​Members Preview/ 11am–12pm
​Collectors Preview/ 12pm–7pm
​Press Preview/ 2pm-7pm

Wednesday November 30, 2022
​VIP Preview/ 11am–1pm

Public Show Days/
Wednesday November 30/ 1pm–7pm
​Thursday December 1/ 11am–7pm
​Friday December 2/ 12pm–7pm
​Saturday December 3/ 12pm–7pm
​Sunday December 4/ 12pm–6pm

Visiting the Fair/
Tickets are now available to purchase, please click here.
​To learn more about the 18th edition of Design Miami/, please visit
​To register for a press pass, please visit

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